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Ragdolls and Persians in Fleetwood, PA


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Quotes We could not be happier with our sweet rag doll kitten! He is such a loving, snuggly little guy. He's almost one year old and still very much a kitten. Purrwind was great to work with, and super helpful. I knew nothing about rag dolls, so they gave me lots of information on how to be a good fur mommy. Quotes
Jennifer Todd

Quotes Very easy to deal with and knowledgeable. Two years later I have the most beautiful cat with a winning personality. He's quite smart and gentle. Quotes
Emily Carmignani Collado

Quotes Femi will be turning four in October of this year. She is a beautiful, healthy and happy Ragdoll. I am forever grateful to Diane for my babies. Quotes

Quotes I just purchased a week ago the two sweetest white Persian cats you could ever imagine. They are the best thing that ever happened to me and they were completely litter trained and you can tell have had the best training with their breeder. She is excellent! The kittens had no problem adjusting to my home since they were so well trained, in fact, they are so happy they have not stopped purring since they arrived at my home! They are absolutely beautiful. In fact my sister and her family were visiting from Texas at the time of their adoption and they immediately fell in love with them too and did not want to leave to go home. Since they were here for the kittens arrival, they are seriously considering adopting Persians and they want them from this breeder and said they will fly in and get them if they do decide to do this since they do have a cat already. I can't thank this breeder enough for giving me such precious beautiful loving Persians and what joy they have brought into my life! Quotes

Quotes Brody, Kai, and Roman. The three brothers found their furever home. We couldn't be happier cat parents. 😸😻 Quotes
Billy Heim
3 Ragdoll kitten brothers

Quotes We brought Samson, a white Persian, here when he was the cutest little baby as our Christmas gift 2012 . We both love him so much and he keeps us young. He has been healthy all these years. So loving with everyone! Quotes
Mabel & Myers Adam

Quotes She is beautiful and I thank you so much for loving and breeding these beautiful babies. Picked her up yesterday. Quotes
Gail Mensch Shutt
Blue point mitted female Ragdoll kitten

Quotes My golden, Bentley, and my silver, Ivan, waiting at the door for me to get home from Professional Development at my school! Thank you so much for these two loveable kitties! Three of my five Persians have come from Purrwind and they have the best temperament! I recommend that if you want a Persian, this is the place to go!!🐾🐾 Quotes
‎Lucy Setzer Reinsmith‎

Quotes We got Norman from Purrwind Cattery in July. What a wonderful addition he is to our family!He is soooo sweet, smart and loves attention. If I didn?t know any better, I would think he is part dog. In fact, he loves sitting in his cat backpack when I take my two westies for a walk, drinks out of our dogs? water bowls and snuggles in their puppy beds. Best retirement gift ever! ❤️🐱 Quotes
Wendy Hanlon‎

Quotes Love our Kitty..... Quotes
Eileen Calz‎
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